About Danny

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As a veteran in the real estate industry and a CEHA-certified property agent, I am fully qualified to handle your property transactions or investment. Danny Teo, constantly a Producer in company (Propnex, Orangetee & HSR).

My familiarity with technology enables me to provide buyers and sellers with the relevant information necessary to make an informed purchase and reap the best returns for their investment. The use of technology also allows me to keep abreast with the latest information on real estate and pass this on to my clients. Passion, integrity and commitment are the strengths that have helped me in gaining new clients in this competitive industry through word of mouth.

I will not compromise on two important T's: Trust and Transparency. I seek to build trustworthy business relationships and to provide transparent service for every client.

If you are finding a property agent to market your property, hope to be your first Choice or non-Obligatory Discussion before you commit to any of the agent.
My Mission

To Make a positive difference through leading-edge service. By providing the highest level of professionalism, quality service, and results. Will do one day at a time, one client at a time, one improvement at a time.. for my clients, colleagues, friends and relatives.

My Vision

To Be your first choice . To provide clients an absolutely beneficial and pleasant experience and they will feel the affection, trust, my loyalty, and their respect.

My Core Values

To provide warm, caring, integrity, love, respect, and honesty service to all my clients, colleagues, friends , relatives, and my family.

To my clients, will protect clients best interest and transparent in feedback from any involved party/parties.

To my colleagues, will not 'undercut' or fish their listings.

Yours Sincerely

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